Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Most useful shortcuts in VS.NET

Switching between Windows:

Ctrl+F6 - navigate between various panes that appear in the base code editing window.
Shift+Alt+Enter - full-screen mode at any time. In full-screen mode, only the active window is visible in full screen.
Alt+F6/Alt +Shift+F6 - move cursor away from the main editing section into docked windows like Properties, Help, Dynamic help, Server Explorer (if these winows are open).
F7 - Jump to Code Behind/Base Code editing window

Ctrl+Shift+V - cycle through the clipboard ring.
Ctrl+- (Ctrl + Hyphen) - similar with Internet Explorer, very easy to navigate from page to page.
Ctrl+Shift+- - cycles in the opposite direction.
Block Selection: - press Alt and then select the area you want with your mouse.
Line No in Code - Tools>Options>Text Editor>All Languages>General>Line numbers.
Ctrl+] :matching brace/comment/region/quote
F4: Property Window
Ctrl+Alt+L - Solution Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+O - Output Window
Ctrl+Alt+K - Task List
Ctrl+Shift+Space - intellisense window.
Ctrl+R - Word Wrap

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K - Create/Remove Bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N - Move to next bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P - Move to previous bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L - Clear all bookmarks

Code Format:
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F - Auto-format selection
Ctrl+U - Convert to lower case
Ctrl+Shift+U - Convert to upper case
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C - Comment selection
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U - Uncomment selection

Code Outline:
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M - Fold/Unfold the current code block
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L - Unfold all
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P - Stop outlining
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O - Fold all

F5 - Start Application in debug Mode
Ctrl+F5 - Start Without debugging
F11 - Step into
F10 – Step over.
Shift + F11 – Step Out.
Shift + F5 – Stop debugging.
Ctrl+Shift+F5 - Restart Debugging


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