Tuesday, 25 September 2007

file read/write

'get data from file(hard disc) and return as byte array
Public Function GetFileData() As Byte()
Dim fsReader As New IO.FileStream(m_sFilePath, IO.FileMode.Open)
Dim data() As Byte = New Byte(fsReader.Length) {}
fsReader.Read(data, 0, fsReader.Length)
Return data
End Try
End Function

'Write to file with byte array
Public Sub WriteFile(ByVal Data As Byte())
'Save file to disk (throw exception if exists already and OverwriteIfExists=False)
Dim sUploadPath As String = Workspace.FileStoreLocation.ToString()
m_sFilePath = System.IO.Path.Combine(sUploadPath, m_sFileName)

'Create an output File and write Data in to this
Dim stOutputStream As Stream = System.IO.File.Create(Filepath)
stOutputStream.Write(Data, 0, Data.Length)
stOutputStream.Close() 'Close stream
End Sub

'Delete file
Public Sub DeleteFile()
End Sub

'get file from URL(Web) , return byte array
Public Function GetURLData(ByVal URL As String) As Byte()
Dim Req As HttpWebRequest
Dim SourceStream As System.IO.Stream
Dim Response As HttpWebResponse

'create a web request to the URL
Req = HttpWebRequest.Create(URL)

'get a response from web site
Response = Req.GetResponse()

'Source stream with requested document
SourceStream = Response.GetResponseStream()

'SourceStream has no ReadAll, so we must read data block-by-block
'Temporary Buffer and block size
Dim Buffer(4096) As Byte, BlockSize As Integer

'Memory stream to store data
Dim TempStream As New MemoryStream
BlockSize = SourceStream.Read(Buffer, 0, 4096)
If BlockSize > 0 Then TempStream.Write(Buffer, 0, BlockSize)
Loop While BlockSize > 0

'return the document binary data
Return TempStream.ToArray()
End Function

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